Non-combustible, extruded hollow (K-Series) and solid (S-Series) fibre cement rain screen and cladding panels with innovative clips and accessories. ArmorClad™ K-Series is light weight, through-colours of your choice and offers flat and strips finishing. ArmorClad™ S-Series is pre-finished siding panels in a variety of patterns and textures. ArmorClad rain screen system creates ventilated back air flow which helps prevent condensation and mould in the wall cavities by releasing moisture that permeates through the building envelope to the outside.

  • ArmorClad K-SeriesHigh strength and light weight for high rise buildings
  • Through-colour, inorganic pigments baked into the panel for durability
  • ArmorClad S-SeriesChoices for stone, brick, wood grain fishing with different colours and styles
  • Proven rainscreen technology, high density ber cement panel with innovative clips and accessories.
  • Tongue and groove joints and seal gasket for easy installation and waterproong; back-ventilated for
    moisture and mold control.
  • Flexible connections between boards for excellent seismic performance; a proven technology in Japan.
  • Excellent re-proong; sound and heat insulation properties; excellent dimensional stability.
  • Exclusive multiple designs and colours for both originality and elegance.
  • Multiple uses: rain screen system for commercial and residential applications.
  • Environmentally friendly: recyclable & low energy.
K-Series Single Tone Colour Fluorocarbon paint
Concrete Silicone concrete sealer
Painted Acrylic, UV, Fluorocarbon or combination of above
S-Series Painted Regular: Acrylic
High hardness: PU

TitleHollow Fiber Cement Cladding

K-Series Mechanical Properties

No. Item Test standard Quality Assurance Standard Test result
1 Non-Combustibility ASTM E136 / ULC S114 Pass
2 Flexural Load (Equilibrium) ASTM C1185 580 psi (eqb) 1261 psi (eqb)
3 Flexural Load (Wet) ASTM C1185 580 psi (wet) 957 psi (wet)
4 Density ASTM C1185 1300 kg/m3 1490 kg/m3
5 Linear Change (%) ASTM C1185 0.200% 0.032%
6 Moisture Content ASTM C1185 9-12% 10.10%
7 Water Tightness ASTM C1185 No formation of water drops Pass
8 Freeze / Thaw ASTM C1185 R ≥ 0.8 Pass (50 Cycles)
9 Water Absorption ASTM C1185 10% 9.8% (hollow open plugged)
25% 23.4% (hollow open unplugged)

K-Series Popular Single Tone Colour:

( Colour selection available on colour chart )

Solid Fiber Cement Cladding

S-Series: Culture Stone