Armormolding is commonly used for Baseboard, Door, Crown, Decorative molding, Vents and Panels

At ArmorMolding, we have absorbed the benefits of both wood and cement and developed state-of-art finishing for the taste of original, elegant and cutting-edge range of natural wood, bamboo, granite, marble and fabric veneers.

  • Environmental Responsibilities

    • Surfaces with impregnated paper and core with ber cement board.
    • Minimal use of natural resources, e.g., wood, granite, marble, fabric, and leather.
    • Minimal use of energy and transportation.
  • Highly realistic and rich in patterns; over 6000 designs.
  • Non-combustible, high-strength, and excellent stability.
  • Highly scratch and pollution resistant.
  • Wide Range of application: commercial, industrial, entertainment and residential.
  • Easy to install; can cut to customer specications and/or apply special treatment
    to make chamfer the same decor as the board.