ARMORPLANK®is a fiber cement board made with the most advanced technology based on Portland cement, silicate, natural fibers and additives mixed together. The addition of an autoclave process, with high pressure and temperature, ensures the formation of an outstanding panel with great dimensional stability and resistance.

Fire Resistant
The Armorplank boards are extremely fire resistant. In the event of a fire, they will not produce any toxic smoke or gases. The boards are resistant to ignition and prevent the spread of fire. They comply with ASTM E84 / UL 723 / ULC S102, ASTM E136 10 minutes period.

Weather Resistant
An excellent choice for humid areas, the boards are highly resistant to moisture, expansion, and the formation of mold. In addition, the boards are frost resistant – they’ve been tested through 50 freezing cycles without any resulting damage.
Dimensionally Stable
Because of their properties, the boards don’t deteriorate over time. Even under the hardest climate conditions, they maintain their integrity. In fact, immersion in water for 24 hours produces only minimal expansion.

Resistant Against Insects
Because of the cement content, the boards are 100% insect resistant whether against termites or other bugs.
Harmful Substance Free

The Armorplank boards do not contain either asbestos or formaldehyde, which hazardous to human health. The boards are hygienically exceptional (without smelling) and biologically safe.
Other Advantages

  • impact resistant
  • high contribution to sound insulating systems
  • can be disposed at a landfill site
  • can be decorated with different finishes
  • great structural properties
  • strong, rigid and versatile
  • easy workability: can be proc
1/4” (6mm)2’x2’ / 2’x4’1.53Suspended Ceilings for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc
5/16” (8mm) 4’x8’ / 4’x10’2.04Cladding, Soffit, Ceilings
3/8” (10mm)4’x8’ / 4’x10’2.55Cladding, Tile Backer, Soffit, Ducting and Service Areas
1/2” (12mm)4’x8’ / 4’x10’3.06Cladding, Sheating, Fascia Panels, Tile backer, etc.

– All ARMOROC®and ARMORPLANK®installations must be designed and reviewed by a qualified architect or engineer.

– Boards shall always be perpendicular to supports. Refer to installation specifications for additional information.

  • Panels should always be stored in a horizontal position with supports every 80 cm.
  • Individual panels should be lifted on the long sides of the panels.
  • Panels should always be carried in a vertical, upright position.