ARMORTILE: Artistic Ceiling Tile

ArmorTile Ceiling tiles embody heterogenous properties of fibre cement that make it superior to traditioanl ceramic tiles for both residential and commercial applications.
Inherently antibacterial, they are resistant to fungi, dust, and VOCs, as well as structurally sound and sound-insulating.
ArmorTile Ceiling tiles are available in a wide assortment of sizes and designs to match your needs.

Armoroc Ceiling Tiles are revolutionary to the ceiling tile industry. Designed based on the basic need for a superior product without the associated health risks of traditional ceiling tiles, ArmorTiles have far reaching benefits in many other key areas:

  • anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-dust
  • easy to clean, oleophobic
  • material: tobermorite cement, quartz sand, cellulosic fibre
  • paintable
  • surface coating: acrylic latex coating
  • Fire prevention: Incombustible A-level
  • Waterproof and resistant to aquatic deformity
    Moisture content < 12%
  • Waterproof: Unlike traditional ceiling tiles, Armor-tiles are water proof and will not result in damage in the unfortunate case of a plumbing or roof leak.
  • Fireproof:  As with all Armoroc products, ArmorTiles are fire proof and will not allow fire to spread in your home.
  • Warp resistant: Will not sag like traditional ceiling tiles.
  • Stain resistant: Easy to clean. Unlike traditional ceiling tiles,  ArmorTiles wipe clean with a wet cloth.
  • Chemical resistant: No worries for damages from cleaning products or other chemicals.
  • Paintable: Paint your ArmorTile ceiling to your desired taste
  • thermal conductivity: 0.2 W/mK
  • radiactivity: in accordance with GB6566-2000 standard
  • volume weight: 1.2-1.4 g/cm^3