MEGABOARD® is a new green composite building material processed by high technology including mixing, forming, heating, pressing, cutting and etc. This ensures that MEGABOARD boards have a lower impact on the environment. They achieve their superior strength and flexibility by the introduction of layers of alkaline resistant glass fiber mesh. Consistent high quality of the product is maintained and monitored through a sophisticated controlled process to ensure a superior finished board which always fulfills our commitment to quality assurance

  • Fiber-reinforced magnesium composite board
  • New-generation panel; 100% absestos-free
  • Anti-halogenide (No water drop at the bottom or without weak ionic)

MEGABOARD uses magnesium sulphate cement as a binding material and natural plant fiber and glass glass fiber as reinforcing material. Made by a process of gelling, pressing and other special techniques, MEGABOARD is a new type material renown for stability in performance.
MEGABOARD is a lightweight and high-density board which is characterized by convenience in construction. It is very suitable for sawing and nailing without being warped or cracks, In addition, the surface of the boards can be painted or covered with tile or wallpaper. This product is insect-repellant and not self-heating.
The board has great thermal insulation, sound insulation and endurance towards a wide range in temperature. It meets many construction standards, and it fireproof, explosion-proof, and does not emit noxious fumes.

Commodity Megaboard
Raw material Magnesium sulphate cement plant fiber,glass fiber mesh expended perlite,etc
PH value 6.7-8.0
Density ≤ 0.95 g /cm3, ≤ 1.2 g /cm3
Size 1220*2440mm or 1200*2400mm (customized size available)
Thickness 3,4,4.5,5,6mm(customized size available)
Dimensional tolerances Length ± 0-4mm
Width ± 0-4mm
Thickness <6mm,± 0.2mm
Squareness ± 2 mm
Surface with one surface sanded
Water content ≤12%
Chloride ion content 0%
Formaldehyde release 0%
Asbestos content 0%
Fire Resistance Incombustibility A1 Class(GB8624-2006/EN 13501-1)
Water absorption ≤27%
Resistant bending strength ≥ 8Mpa
Impact Resistance ≥ 1.5kj/㎡
Nail-withdrawal sthength ≥16 N/mm
Water permeability No water vapour after 24 hours’ test
Refractoriness(Pyrometric cone equivalent) 4h
Thermal conductivity ≤0.2 W/mk
Sound insulation >45db
Moisture movement ≤0.25%
Heat shrinkage rate ≤0.5
Freeze-thaw No distortion after 25 repeated cycles of freezing and thawing
Color Beige
Features Fire Rated, Non-Flammable , Non-Combustible
Thermal Insulation Properties
Impact Resistant
Moisture & Water Resistant
Sound Insulation
Mould Resistant
Chemically Stable
Light weight
Non-Hazardous to health
Low Carbon Manufacturing Process
Easy and Fast to install
Durable &Long service life.etc.
Usage &Application Exterior: Sheathing, ceiling board, drop ceiling, siding, cladding and trim material.
Interior: Wallboard, ceiling board, tile backer board, underlayment and trim materials.
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) and Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS)